Why start the Rocky Point Podcast? That’s a great question. Here’s a not so great answer.

I’m going to break one of my steadfast rules by answering a question with a question. Why start the Rocky Point Podcast? Plain and simple. Why not?

Now is the right time for launching a podcast. And Puerto Peñasco absolutely is the right place.

Rocky Point view from Sea of Cortez.

In 2019, the popularity of podcasts in our culture is on a rapid rise. Plus, Puerto Peñasco is enjoying riding its own big wave of popularity. Approaching nearly 2.5 million visitors a year, Rocky Point is the peak tourism attraction in the state of Sonora. Becoming a port of call for cruises will only help.

Why start the Rocky Point Podcast? There is something to be said for a person simply being in the right place at the right time.

I felt blessed. In December 2018, I rid myself of one of my longtime unfulfilled longings. I was finally able to commit to getting back to enjoying the beach life I missed so much residing in Arizona’s Valley of the Sun.

My first challenge was taking on a total revamping of the Sonoran Sun 510 East condo. We felt confident because we took over managing the place on December 7, 2018. It is my Godmother’s birthday, and the holiest roller I know and love would be praying hard for us. We hoped to create a new “day which shall live in infamy.”

Once the custom beach theme design and décor was in place, it was then time to compete in the crowded rental market. After getting off to a good start managing amazing guest experiences, it was time to focus on more familiar topics.

Broadcasting and Content Development.   

For months, each Rocky Point trip I made, I wondered about using my media experience south of the border. It wasn’t a matter of “if.” It was more of how.

Arizona Route 85

I’m a thinker. That’s what I do. The drives between Arizona and Mexico offer plenty of time for thinking if you’re willing to take advantage of it. For me, once I travel beyond the range of Phoenix radio stations and reliable cell phone coverage, I certainly notice it. That’s despite little to no difference in the Sonoran Desert view.

The trips. The time to wonder and think. They proved to the perfect combination for realizing the travel scenarios getting to and from Puerto Peñasco weren’t only great for brainstorming. They provided a custom-built platform for listening to a Rocky Point Podcast.

Immediately after getting home from one of those road trips, I took a cold shower to wake up and recharge. It was in the shower the idea for the Rocky Point Podcast came to me. It wasn’t just creative. It filled a need. It was a solution for everyone like me who wants to make those same road trips more enjoyable.

You’ll see. And you’ll hear with every episode.

There are plenty of great topics to talk about. Interesting people, places, and things…all with interesting stories to tell and information to share. Someone else was going to see this sooner or later. I didn’t want to wait and regret it.

In April 2019, I took action and developed plans. In May, I invested beyond my comfort zone in buying new professional audio and video equipment and began to book guests. Basically, I burned the bridge behind me. There was no turning back.

Why start the Rocky Point Podcast? It was an opportunity whose time had come. It’s amazing how things come to life when you don’t let fear of failure get in your way.