I’m Thomas Baldrick. Hosting the Rocky Point Podcast is my responsibility. Some like that. I suppose others not so much. Through the good, the bad, and the ugly, I’m pretty genuine. That’s true behind the microphone. It’s also true in front of the mirror.

I love hosting the Rocky Point Podcast because: It’s both a lot of fun and a lot of work. I love to laugh, but don’t do enough of it. I love to conduct interviews like those featured in this podcast. I take interviewing seriously as a craft, art, and science.

I love hosting the Rocky Point Podcast because: I like helping people. Generally, I like to meet, connect, and get know people. Having been told, “I’ve never met a stranger,” is quite a compliment to me. I enjoy being of service to others. It feels good making a difference in someone’s day, right? These are some insights why it’s such fulfilling work for me to Host the Rocky Point Podcast.

I love hosting the Rocky Point Podcast because: It’s about uniting not dividing. Unofficially, I’m also acting as a volunteer ambassador of U.S. relations with Mexico. I hate all the hatred and half-truths bordering the border these days. Let others spew rattlesnake venom about building a wall. Let others fight it with all their might.

I’ll be a guy from Arizona who both loves his country AND going to Mexico. I’ll build the Rocky Point Podcast instead of a wall. Let it be a window which allows others to digitally see, hear, and enjoy for themselves…all things Puerto Peñasco.  


I love hosting the Rocky Point Podcast because: It’s a step backward and step forward. For me, launching this podcast is both a welcomed step backward and step forward. Professionally, it’s a step back into the media realm where I was blessed with a successful career as a television host, reporter, and producer. That was before taking on the full-time responsibility of a solo parent, and being the loving, dedicated daddy my little boy wanted and needed.

This work is also a step back into the beach life I left and missed along the Jersey Shore. The Rocky Point Podcast is tied to managing amazing guest experiences for Sonoran Sun 510 East, a beach-themed, beachfront condo on the spectacular Sea of Cortez.  

This podcast is a new step forward. My son is now older and more independent. I can once again think some about me and what I might like in a new chapter in life. I’ve long identified with the mindset, “Leap first and the rope shall appear.”

While I enjoyed some past radio experience and have wanted more, I’m following the future as a new step forward. Every day, podcasts are becoming tomorrow’s bright, shiny, new object. There’s growth in bypassing the fear of all I don’t know about this in order to learn new things. My mistakes are mere learning experiences. Taking a chance on change and dreaming is exciting if you let go and just go.

Sandy Beach Sunset

Launching this ain’t easy. But I’m not complaining, just being honest. I follow the signs from the universe and appreciate the adventure. Sometimes I do feel like a one-legged guy in a kicking contest. Kick with all your might. Fall hard. Get back up again. Persevere. Endure. Repeat. Keep at it.

I have a great attitude about simply doing my best, and not worrying about making mistakes. I will. I’m learning. And so I’m looking at everything as a learning opportunity.

Basically, I delegate to myself. Then, I oversee my duties and decisions. So, if there’s a cool podcast story you know about, or something you see or hear which you’d like to share with me, I’ll welcome the input. Please just do it respectfully.

I’ve designed this program as a multi-purpose solution for a multi-layered audience. It puts Puerto Peñasco on the global map for online audio content. With rising tourism numbers and a cruise line coming to port, it is a good time for the treasures of this seaside community to be shared with ears and imaginations from around the world.

My hope is growing the Rocky Point Podcast shouldn’t be as hard as selling billion-dollar bottles of tequila at the Malecón. After all, the drives to and from Puerto Peñasco come with limited internet and radio access. What a cool thing to create the perfect, customized program to fill that void. The ease and convenience of downloading podcast episodes and enjoying content on-demand about the place you’re spending time and money to visit, seems to me like a no-brainer.  

Come along for the ride, will you?

Ready or not. The time has come to launch the Rocky Point Podcast. My goal is for you to come along for the ride. Who doesn’t like hearing informative and entertaining stories?

  • Let’s learn a thing or two together.
  • Let’s connect ourselves with interesting people, places, and things in this growing Rocky Point community of ours.
  • Let’s enjoy our time together, and value it as time well spent.

Thank you in advance for giving me, Puerto Peñasco, and this podcast a look and a listen. I love Hosting the Rocky Point Podcast. I’ll keep kicking and hoping you will love it, too.

With gratitude,

Thomas Baldrick