This just in. A successful rescue is taking place in the Lost and Found Bin for Podcasts. With this post, it is now appearing The Rocky Point Podcast is being claimed by its rightful owner.  It’s about friggin’ time!

This is the first new episode in far too long. It follows a hiatus which was unplanned, unwanted, mostly unavoidable , and always uncomfortable. If you are a returning listener, we warmly say, “Welcome back!” Thank you for giving this program a chance.

And if you are new to the Rocky Point Podcast, we welcome you with open arms as well. Plus, consider yourself invited to catch up on the earlier episodes before the pandemic changed life as we knew it.

Consider shutting down a podcast something of a different example of the widespread impact of Covid-19. In diagnosing the matter, Host/Producer Thomas Baldrick candidly answers the question, “Where Ya Been Rocky Point Podcast?”

Here are the topics you will hear explored:

  • Baldrick openly discusses his various challenges in navigating the pandemic as a solo parent. A drying up of ongoing work projects, and a compromised immune system only added to his personal adventures.
  • Insights into traveling back and forth to Puerto Penasco throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. You will be privy to hearing about how life really was for many of the local residents. Imagine trying to survive a tourism dependent local economy cut off from the rest of the world. And lest we forget a local healthcare infrastructure completely unequipped for managing the breakout of a novel coronavirus.

Have you ever heard the song, “Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word”? Bernie Taupin’s lyrics and Elton’s John’s musical talents surely generated millions.  But apologizing isn’t really all that hard if you are being honest with yourself and others.

In this episode, Thomas Baldrick publicly owns accountability, responsibility, and his choices in causing the down time for the Rocky Point Podcast. Producing episodes with interesting people and stories was and still is a labor of love for him.