One word can really make a huge difference. In this case, we are referring to the second word in the title, “really.” Here is why. Asking the question, “What Really happened to the Rocky Point Cruise?” is worlds apart without including that one word.

Surely, if you love going to Puerto Peñasco, you know the quick and easy answer. It died. The Rocky Point Cruise lasted about as long as a fresh taco in your hands from your favorite street vendor. It sunk faster than an empty bottle of “Tequila Penasco.

The life and death of The Treasures of the Sea of Cortez cruise is commonly known by those connecting with Rocky Point. And as a result, it is commonly treated with negativity and sarcasm. But what REALLY happened?

This my friends is new information. Call it “Inside Baseball,” or a “Scoop.” That’s because in this episode of the Rocky Point Podcast, Host Thomas Baldrick can be heard passionately telling the true story which has not been reported in the news. The details shared here are not common knowledge. Nor have they ever sailed right into your lap. Until now…Really!


Thomas Baldrick has a basis for doing this. He is revealing his insights and opinions on his experiences consulting with the host company, Cruise and Maritime Voyages.  He puts creative effort into easily  yet thoroughly explaining easily what really happened to Treasures of the Sea of Cortez Cruise…and why.

But perhaps you will be feeling as much as listening,. That is because you cannot help but sensing the possibilities Thomas once had for the cruise, and the heartache he still feels today for “what could have been.”

High hopes and great anticipation for a Rocky Point cruise were coming in waves. The wishing was widespread among cruisegoers, visitors, and property owners. However, those with business interests in Puerto Peñasco, were doing more than crossing their fingers with the Treasures of the Sea of Cortez Cruise. Many were actively dreaming of finding their share of the treasures a new port of call would bring.

For Thomas Baldrick, this episode could only be coming to life once the time of a grieving process kicks in and helps in healing. We think listening to this episode will be enlightening, entertaining, and eye opening about what really happened and what needs to happen if cruising becomes possible again in Rocky Point’s future.