This no “fish story” that just happened. A Topolobampo Bay whale was seen jumping onto a boat. You are reading it right. And as the photos are proving, there were eyewitnesses of the incident. Yes indeed. A whale jumps onto a boat! And seemingly for good reason.

What a bummer we can’t do a Rocky Point Podcast episode about it (not yet anyway). So, instead we’ll tell you the story here and now. It’s too extraordinary not to share.

It was Saturday night around 6:00 in the Topolobampo Bay in the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez). The location is some 500+ miles south of Puerto Peñasco, in Ahome, Sinaloa.

Local officials and eyewitnesses are saying the driver of the boat kept getting close to the whale. Apparently, it was too close for the whale’s comfort. Omar Mendoza Silva is the Coordinator of Civil Protection in Ahome, Sinaloa. He says the whale entered the bay a few days earlier, and boat captains were warned to keep their distance. Nonetheless, he claims the whale was feeling harassed by the boaters.

So, the Topolobampo Bay whale leapt out of the sea and into the air. And as it was on its way down from breaching, the whale landed onto the back of the boat.

Nearly causing it to capsize, the whale’s crash landing wound up causing significant damage to the vessel. But that’s not all.

Two men and two women on board the boat were injured. They were all taken to a Los Mochis hospital. Local authorities are confirming one of the men, a former councilor on the Ahome Municipal Government has suffered seriously injuries from the incident.

Like Rocky Point, the area is a popular place for whale watching. We don’t know if this was a whale that had migrated all the way up to Puerto Peñasco. Yes, we know the whales are saying adios to us in March each year. However, it is possible because it is common for some whales can stay in the Ahome area until May.


Sadly, this is second recent bad news story involving a whale in the Gulf of California. At the end of April, a boat accidentally collided with a whale in La Paz, Baja California Sur. In that incident, five of the six people on board were injured.