Are you a sucker for a good love story? Do you like rooting for an amazing comeback, when victory gets snatched from the jaws of defeat? Do you enjoy seeing cool things happening to cool people? Well then, you’re in luck. This episode of the Rocky Point Podcast, “Til Life Do Us Part,” has all of the above for you. And it’s all because of Sonja Diaz and Frank Diaz.

The story of Frank and Sonja begins in Tucson, Arizona as a case of boy meeting…girl’s boy. But quickly, a minor conflict changes into a major case of “Love at First Sight” when boy meets girl. Their relationship grows. After some time spent flirting with each other, Frank and Sonja began enjoying life as a couple. Eventually, they find themselves growing ever closer and happier on visits to Puerto Peñasco.

After speaking vows to each other of “Til Death Do Us Part,” Frank Diaz and Sonja Diaz became husband and wife. But too much partying led to their party being over. Sadly, an ending for Sonja Diaz and Frank Diaz came as a legal case inside a courtroom. A divorce.

Notice it was “an ending.” But not the ending! “Til Life Do Us Part” tells a real-life love story which just wouldn’t die. And you’ll love hearing the twists and turns as well as laughs and lessons learned.