What a difference a day makes. Surely you’ve heard the saying. This episode of the Rocky Point Podcast is telling a different story. The Journey of Joseph is about one day and one dog which made a difference.

It was amazing to me how one dog could have the power of bringing out the worst and best in humanity. Edie Stevenson and her husband, Joe Mikelaitis saw him last Tuesday evening after leaving their condo at Las Palomas around dinner time. They were needing to make good time getting to the U.S. Mexico Border so they could safely cross before its nightly closing at 8:00. After all, Edie has to work a morning shift as a nurse at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tucson, Arizona.

But before they even reached Benito Juarez Boulevard for the straight shot to Sonoyta, they saw a dog in the middle of the street. It resembled a big dog they knew. But only this dog didn’t look right. More than being a nurse working in an intensive care unit, Edie is a dog lover. She’s a dog lover with the kind of heart and passion that could remind a person of Barbara Mumaugh, the founder and heart and soul of Barb’s Dog Rescue in Rocky Point.

Edie and Joe have dogs. So when Edie told Joe to pull over there was no turning back. She was able to carry out her plan of safely walking through the traffic and convincing the scared dog to allow her to help him. From there, Edie climbed into the back of their pickup truck and spent the drive comforting the dog as Joe drove directly to Barb’s Dog Rescue.

In this episode, Host Thomas Baldrick interviews Edie Stevenson. He also reports on the story from a unique perspective. Thomas was actually the person who greeted the couple as they arrived at the rescue desperately seeking help for the dog later named Joseph.