This episode of the Rocky Point Podcast is another “must listen” event. Really. It is because this mind-blowing episode features a “no-holds barred,” in-depth interview with Miguel Angel Adrian Trujillo. He is the new Police Chief of Sonoyta, Sonora, Mexico, and its acting Chief Corruption Fighter, too. The information revealed in my talks with the chief was shocking to me. And consider the power of ME being shocked. After all, I was the one pursuing the story either bravely or foolishly. Years of media experience had me thinking I knew the challenges and possibilities I would be facing with my reporting work.

No doubt you will hear I was informed on the story and prepared for fact gathering. But really, if you visit Puerto Peñasco my questions are probably close to the same ones you’ve been wondering about for years.

The truly fascinating parts of this Rocky Point Podcast interview with Chief Trujillo are not my questions. They are his honest and direct answers taking you inside the widespread corruption in the Sonoyta Police Department.

By no means am I pumping myself up as some sort of “tough guy” through this interview. Yes, you will most definitely hear I asked a trailer full of tough questions. But while awkward, we both knew they were done with respect and good intentions. My guess is many Rocky Point lovers with applaud Chief Trujillo and this interview. But there is no celebrating here because I know many people in Mexico will be very angry with me and him.


Thomas Baldrick interview with Sonoyta Police Chief Miguel Angel Adrian Trujillo.

Truth be told, the purpose of this interview was not trying to sensationalize well-known abuse of power, corruption, and plain ol’ bullying. Instead, it is about fighting back against the bullies who have been getting away with hurting tourists financially and emotionally for far too long.

Bribery has been delivering the wrong rewards and results. The police corruption in Sonoyta has been stuffing dirty money into the pockets of dirty cops who prey on the fear of drivers. Meanwhile, the anger and bad reputation people feel toward the local police hurts the businesses and residents in town . It destroys the image and reputation of Sonoyta and to a lesser extent, Mexico. It doesn’t have to keep being this way.

Therefore, success with this episode of the Rocky Point Podcast can be found in helping you personally, and helping the communities of Puerto Peñasco and Sonoyta.

And last but not least, I hope to be helping Sonoyta Police Chief Miguel Angel Adrian Trujillo who puts on his uniform and badge each day having to singlehandedly stand up for treating Americans the right way and genuinely serving and protecting citizens.