You love Rocky Point Mexico. Sonoyta? Probably not so much. Police lining their pockets by bribing visitors isn’t much of a tourist attraction. Now is your time for fighting fears of this border town. And here within earshot are your tools for being successful. The Sonoyta 10 Need to Know Do’s and Don’ts are your difference makers.

In this episode of the Rocky Point Podcast, Host Thomas Baldrick does way more than a massive knowledge drop. He gives you all the insights and inside information for victory instead of being just another victim of police corruption in Sonoyta. Previously and passionately, he was working closely with former Sonoyta Police Chief Miguel Angel Adrian Trujillo on fighting corruption.

Thomas Baldrick finds himself passing through the city of Sonoyta, Sonora, more than 100 times a year. Because of all the driving back and forth so often between his home in Chandler, Arizona and Puerto Peñasco, he needed solutions. How does repeatedly navigate this Mexican traffic minefield without losing a small fortune on speeding tickets?  Thomas tells you. And he delivers his key messages to you in a convincing and easy to understand way.

By listening and learning these Sonoyta 10 Need to Know Do’s and Don’ts, you get a new and improved roadmap for your Rocky Point trips. How exciting to know you will no longer have to rely on winging it in the hopes you don’t get caught up in this well-known speed trap.

This is information Baldrick has been sharing privately for years in successfully protecting those guests renting his beautiful Sandy Beach condo, Sonoran Sun 510 East. You’ll be hearing him explaining specific things for you to do. Plus, how, when and where to be doing them so you can make the best of a bad situation.

And if that doesn’t sound good enough already, he even tells you the all-important words to say if you are pulled over by the policia for speeding. But equally important, he’ll be giving you a heads up on seeing through all the things you might be hearing as scare tactics by bribe seeking police officers.

Below is the information he promises in the podcast to post here.



Save some money while gaining confidence. Don’t let bullying rob you of your lunch money. After all, you could be losing out on delicious tacos.