The beach in Puerto Peñasco is your happy place, right? You miss the sun, sand, pools, food and drink, and great times with old and new friends. But really, that’s because of the Sea of Cortez. Being on or near the water is what calls us to the unique seaside resort known as Rocky Point or Arizona’s Beach. However, sadly in 2020 Covid-19 hasn’t let us answer those calls.

For many Rocky Point Lovers this brings heartache. For more of us, it also means a splitting headache and or stomach ache.

The above video “Rocky Point Mexico – Sea of Cortez Sights & Sounds” is a treatment for those conditions.

You’ll enjoy 8 soothing, calming hours of exactly what the video title says. It’s full of various scenes of the beautiful sights and sounds of the Sea of Cortez. Some Much of the video was shot over many visits at or near the Sonoran Sun Resort on Sandy Beach. We manage Sonoran Sun 510 East, the top-rated, unique beach-themed condo there.

The video is an all seasons effort. It was shot during spring, summer, fall, and winter. It’s also and all day and night thing. You’ll enjoy sunrises and sunsets, and all kinds of weather in between. There are times when the winds were blowing and the seas were rough. In other scenes the Sea of Cortez is so calm you could think of it as docile as one enormous bath tub.

There are many ways to enjoy this video. You decide what works best for you. Obviously, you can simply watch it to help you see the sea and the beach, as well as hear, feel, and remember it. You can also have it playing on your computer in the background to help you focus while working from home or the office. You can listen to the peacefulness of the waves and the tide to help you sleep at night. Some people have told me they play  “Rocky Point Mexico – Sea of Cortez Sights & Sounds” on a big screen TV to set the perfect scene for a virtual Happy Hour at home.

The world is your oyster. Feel free to use this video however, wherever, and whenever you want. The cost is free. But the rewards are priceless.

I hope this video provides you with some relief. May it help to reconnect you with your happy place until we can all meet there in person. I’ll leave it to The Most Interesting Man in the World from the Dos Equis commercials to say, “Stay thirsty my friends.” Now I’ll leave you with the saying, “Until we can return to Rocky Point in person, stay safe my friends.”

Enjoy the video. If you like post a comment how you are using or enjoying it.