rocky-point-rally-founder-oscar-palacio-sotoEven the baddest of the bad can do good. Even a 3-day drinking opportunity can feed worthwhile causes in need. Have I revved up your curiosity? Mission accomplished. Now, let’s go visit with the Rocky Point Rally Founder.

The Rocky Point Podcast is a proud supporter of the 2019 Rocky Point Rally. Our latest episode serves as proof.  We sat down for a most enjoyable chat with the most deserving guy, Oscar Palacio Soto.

He has got to be one of the nicest guys you can ever find in Puerto Peñasco. He’s among the wisest, and one of Rocky Point’s wealthiest citizens, too. As you will hear in our podcast interview, all this makes for a compelling story. It’s one of those stories you can’t help but celebrate and become inspired by. Think of it like cheering for one of the good guys in a real-life movie.

This event is his baby, and he’s nurtured it, raised, it and watched it grow. The 2019 Rocky Point Rally is the 19th edition of this event called, The Greatest Motorcycle Fiesta Just South of the Border. This year it is being held in various locations across Puerto Peñasco. The upcoming rally dates are November 7 – 10, 2019.


The label of the big, bad bikers gets put in park by this event. Thousands of motorcycle riders make their way on two or three wheels to Rocky Point for a long weekend of fun in the sun. Along for the ride are thousands more who load into their cars, trucks, and SUVs. They come from across the state of Sonora, and other parts of Mexico. They come from Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas, and even further places in the United States.

Overall, some 25,000 plus party people will gather in Puerto Peñasco to make the 2019 Rocky Point Rally a Mardi Gras like atmosphere in Mexico. Make no mistake about it… The Greatest Motorcycle Fiesta Just South of the Border, has an emphasis on “Fiesta.”  

The idea for rolling with the Rocky Point Rally was created by people from Puerto Peñasco. The interesting thing is they had to ride a long way from home to find their inspiration.

Oscar Palacio Soto and a group of his motorcycle buddies went to Nevada to attend the Laughlin River Run. It’s a large motorcycle gathering, which has enjoyed quite a successful run in its own right. Oscar and the guys got to talking about how they could (and more importantly, should) try creating an event like it in Puerto Peñasco.

The Rocky Point Rally Founder and his friends began with a bang. In the first few years, the number of motorcycles at the event doubled each year. But then, the economy slowed down in both the United States and Mexico. This gave Rocky Point and its annual motorcycle rally a couple of flat tires.

Oscar Palacio Soto’s business and finance skills served as navigation in keeping the event alive. They prepared for the worst but came up with the best plan for survival. The approach was basically, Let’s be smart in trying to hang on and see what happens in the future. This past decade has shown the Rocky Point Rally Founder and his event came out on the right side of adversity, bigger and better than ever.

Oscar Palacio Soto, his assistant, Sami Keesecker, and a team of supporters work their tails off to produce this event. And there are good reasons why this is very important.

The annual Rocky Point Rally serves a much-needed fundraiser for worthy causes in Puerto Peñasco. The range of organizations directly benefiting from the rally provide care for the disabled and the elderly, the sick, the poor, and more.


So please, if you are going to the event or know someone who is, download and share this episode of the Rocky Point Podcast. It’ll make for the perfect thing to listen to on the drive to Puerto Peñasco. It’ll also make you want to officially register for the 2019 fiesta and contribute.

Oh how good you will feel to support the local charitable efforts, and the Rocky Point Rally Founder. After all, he is one of the nicest guys in town.