About The Rocky Point Podcast

Bienvenidos! The Rocky Point Podcast is the first of its kind. It’s an entertaining program all about Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico (commonly called Rocky Point).

The episodes will help you discover some of the local treasures I’ve come to know and love. These treasures include people, places, things, and events. Their interesting and informative stories make for a really great listen.

Need a shot of Rocky Point?

Maybe you’re looking to feel connected in between trips south of the border. Maybe you’d like a little knowledge drop in anticipation of an upcoming visit to Puerto Peñasco. Or perhaps need some company getting through exercise, multi-tasking at work, or around the house. It’s all good.

But thoughts of providing company in the car was a green light for going ahead with this podcast. Anyone who does the drives to the Sea of Cortez and back knows…the Rocky Point Podcast is your custom-built solution for making those Mexico road trips more enjoyable.


You can find the Rocky Point Podcast on our website and through the places podcasts are found. Plus, if you want more than audio, you can watch episodes as YouTube videos. The channel name is: Rocky Point Podcast.

However, or wherever you join us, there’s something to enjoy and value. We track down and explore topics which make for compelling content appealing to those who live, work, invest, or play in Rocky Point.

There’s a Different Flavor Slice of Paradise in Every Episode.

  • Activities
  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Beaches
  • Businesses
  • Entertainment
  • Events
  • Government
  • News
  • Organizations
  • Personal Stories
  • Places to Stay
  • Places to Play
  • Real Estate
  • Resources
  • Retail and Shopping
  • Travel
  • Worthwhile Causes

This podcast is designed for 2 types of people.

  1. Current Friends and Fans of Puerto Peñasco. We aim to be a forum for connecting and supporting members of our growing seaside resort community.
  2. Future Friends and Fans of Puerto Peñasco. We also aim to create added awareness, and excitement for people exploring Puerto Peñasco as a travel destination. If you haven’t been there yet, we say, “YES it’s safe to go to Rocky Point! We do it all the time. Get your beachfront condos reserved and your bags packed!”


With all due respect, the Host isn’t so bad. His name is the same as mine: Thomas Baldrick. Join in for some informative, insightful, and inspiring conversations with a personalities related to Puerto Peñasco.

There’s all this and more on The Rocky Point Podcast…

Located on the north shore of the Sea of Cortez, Puerto Peñasco has something for everyone. Its Rocky Point or rocky port serves as the gateway for a world-class fishing village with fresh catches daily, as well as shrimp and oysters worth the drive just to eat. In addition, the town has been transformed into a popular seaside resort beach paradise which is now the crown jewel of tourism for the state of Sonora.

It has beauty, activity, and culture. It’s affordable and accessible. And it’s an escape from stress, where you can easily enjoy relaxation, restaurants, romance, and rejuvenation.

Please do join us for The Rocky Point Podcast. It’s time well spent. Becoming part of it won’t cost you a penny or peso. But we can’t promise it won’t call you to Puerto Peñasco to make your own priceless memories.

Join the conversation now.