The Rocky Point News Hurricane has nothing to do with the weather. It has everything to do with Puerto Peñasco and its people. Can they weather the current storm of tragic events? I hope so. Sadly right now, there is no shortage of victims. The all-too long list includes the deceased, their loved ones, and many other people being hurt just because they have physical or emotional ties to a beautiful beach resort town in Sonora, Mexico.

Bodies discovered in the desert. An ambush killing women and innocent little children. Even a raw sewage nightmare giving all meaning to the term, “potty break.” The bad news events just keep coming. The storms have merged to form some kind of super storm. That’s why our latest episode is titled, “Rocky Point News Hurricane.”

No doubt, it’ll be hard for many people to expect rays of sunshine in the 5-day forecast for the Puerto Peñasco news cycle. But they are there. You can see them and hear them by simply downloading and taking in our new episode, “Rocky Point News Hurricane.”

The “Whisper Down the Lane” mentality has quickly grown so loud it’s like screaming. The “Shoot and Ask Questions Later” strategy has online comments being posted with the rapid fire of an AK-47.

Words can be weapons. Fear, hatred, political agendas, and a rushing to judge others are their ammunition.

How did “The Golden Rule” become so tarnished? Is there some trick to treating others how you want to be treated? How is there such disregard and disrespect for people who are already feeling scared and or broken?

Following a period of compassion and careful consideration, Thomas Baldrick stepped into the fray and stepped up publicly in support of Puerto Peñasco. Feeling like one man whose physical and emotional property is in the path of a dangerous hurricane, he has decided to ride it out. He has decided to protect his home, his neighbors, and his community. Please join him.

So how does the Rocky Point Podcast find rays of sunshine right now through a doom and gloom forecast? How does it fight a frothing mob enjoying a good old-fashioned stoning using modern-day digital technology?

One word. FACTS.

Facts matter, or at least they used to back in the day. Compassion matters, or at least it used to back in the day. Basic human decency matters, or at least it used to back in the day. These precious jewels shouldn’t be kicked to the curb with reckless abandon. We would all want them if we found ourselves and our loved ones on the wrong side of a tragedy. We would all crave them if we found ourselves and our loved ones on the wrong side of a tragedy that also became a toxic news story.

I ask you to download and take in “Rocky Point News Hurricane.” This may well be the most critical episode of the Rocky Point Podcast we’ve done to date. It will surely be the most criticized.

So please, prepare yourself before you hit the play button:

Take a breath. Take a nice, deep breath so you can be present in the moment.

Cover your eyes so you can open them again and see more clearly in the moment.

Cover your ears so you can hear more clearly in the moment.

Quiet your mind, so you can have better reasoning and clarity in the moment.

And last but certainly not least, get in touch with your sacred human heart so you can be honest, caring, and good to yourself as well as others.

If you love Puerto Peñasco and its people as I do through my words and my actions, I hope and pray this episode of the Rocky Point Podcast gives you the powers of courage, strength, patience, and perseverance in remembering nobody wins when we turn our backs on who and what we love.

And if that does happen through “Rocky Point News Hurricane,” and you feel better at the end of this episode, I ask you to kindly share it. Others you know or don’t know may need it, too. Thank you from the bottom of my broken heart.