This isn’t a bold prediction. It’s a no brainer. If you love Puerto Peñasco a.k.a. Rocky Point Mexico…you will love this video. “Rocky Point Mexico – Sea of Cortez Sights and Sounds” is online “Beach Therapy” for you.  If you don’t like the idea of therapy, think of it as “Vitamin Sea for the Soul.” In any case, you can enjoy 8 relaxing hours of various scenes of the magical Sea of Cortez.

Do you want to be beachfront? If so, just hit the play button. But before you do, please read this urgent message:

We’ve produced and released this video at this time to aid in the efforts to feed the hungry and poor in Puerto Peñasco. We’ve partnered with the established nonprofit sister organizations, Steps of Love and AIM Peñasco. The ask is simple. If you enjoy the Rocky Point Mexico – Sea of Cortez Sights and Sounds video, will you make a donation to help those in need?

Here’s 5 ideas of therapeutic ways for you to enjoy this video:

  • To bring you to the place you miss and cannot get to right now.
  • To make working from home better.
  • To escape stress. (From being confined in the Covid-19 pandemic, financial pressure, relationships, etc.)
  • To enhance your peaceful setting for prayer, meditation, yoga.
  • To use the oceans sounds from the Sea of Cortez to help you relax and get a good night’s sleep.

The time is now.

I gathered these shots along the way during many trips to Rocky Point while managing the Sonoran Sun 510 East condo. In this video you’ll see footage at sunrise, sunset, and even overnight. You’ll see calm seas and stormy seas. You may recognize much of it was done along Sandy Beach.

There were good reasons I spent days producing this unique video collection now. I had been putting it off because I knew it would require a great deal of time and effort. Simply put, I kept letting life get in the way. Yet when the Covid-19 pandemic was looming I began thinking about it even more. I knew this video had tremendous value. I believed many people could and would benefit from it.

Originally, I was thinking of people like me who were missing Puerto Peñasco. Then I began thinking about the people of the town. Many Arizonans like me, as well as other Americans and Canadians call the place we all know and love, “Rocky Point.” But the locals call the place by a different name. They simply call it “home.”

I choose to live my life with an attitude of gratitude. I began thinking of the lovely women who clean our condo. I made a trip just before the border closed just to give them money to help ride out this storm. But that wasn’t enough. I was also thinking of the fabulous people who work at the Sonoran Sun Resort. The nice people in the Homeowner’s Association. The friendly and professional people on the Security Team, and the Maintenance Staff. I also began thinking about the others in town who work at all the businesses which keep Rocky Point rolling.

The local economy was turned off like a switch. It went from on to off just like that. I was invited to join a Facebook group to help. I then reached out to Steps of Love with helping hands and fundraising ideas. I invite you, welcome you, and urge you to do the same and join us.

When the widespread dangers of Covid-19 pass (and they will hopefully one day soon), all of those tied to tourism will need the local people of Puerto Peñasco. But first and foremost…they need all of us now.