“Manna from Heaven.” Surely you’ve heard the saying. Now, with this Rocky Point Podcast Episode, you can also taste Rocky Point Manna from Heaven. It’s digital bread so you can enjoy whether or not you’re in Puerto Peñasco.

The phrase relates directly to being a sign from God. The original reference stems from a passage found in the Holy Bible.  It tells the story of God miraculously saved the lives of the Israelites after their food supply had run out leaving Egypt. Because of that, Manna from Heaven has been used to describe a surprise or unexpected gift. It symbolizes a solution which was desperately hoped or prayed for in a time of dire need.

The Poor in Puerto Peñasco

Fast forward to 2020. The story in Puerto Peñasco is strikingly different. The supply of food has not run out for the local residents. However, the money to pay for it has or will soon. No doubt the funding to cover the costs of basic amenities such as food, water, and electricity is in short supply. In fact, it’s a matter of dire need for many in town who depend on income from tourism. These are a few examples of the many ripple effects from the worldwide pain and suffering inflicted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

AIM Peñasco and Steps of Love are sister non-profit organizations which stepped up to answer the cries for help from the hungry. Actually, they did more than that. Kathleen Duncan transformed her education-based mission to provide help, hope, comfort, and food to feed the bodies and souls of the needy in Puerto Peñasco.

Enter Ramon Elias of Rocky Point. The man is baking his own Manna from Heaven on Earth.


He believes and acts as if he is a modern messenger of God. After the pandemic hit, Ramon, his wife, and two children have been answering a call from God to help their neighbors in town. They are baking bread for others in Puerto Peñasco whose bodies may be hungry for food. While their hearts and souls may be starving for some hope and human kindness.

Ramon Elias and his family are not getting rich during the pandemic. They are struggling to get by like so many of us.


Ramon has/had a jet ski rental business on Sandy Beach by Bella Sirena. When Rocky Point tourism dries up or shuts down, so does his income. Luckily for the Elias family, they had saved enough to get by so far.

Ramon has so much faith in God, he has done more than simply believe his family will endure. He acted on his faith and courage and says he tapped into his savings to buy supplies in order to bake bread and donate to those in need across Puerto Peñasco.

I didn’t know Ramon Elias until recently. I met him through what I instantly recognized in the moment as a non-accidental event. Once I heard about his grass roots bread baking, I felt inclined to act. At the time, I knew nothing about him other than his name was Ramon. Nonetheless, I followed my heart and offered to produce a professional video for him. Right away, my hopes were to give him a tool to promote his mission and to tell his story to inspire his others. Ramon Elias was so surprised, he needed time to think about it before accepting my offer.


After the video was shot but before it was edited, I introduced Ramon Elias to Rocky Point philanthropist, Kathleen Duncan. I’m happy to report Ramon just completed baking his first batch of fresh bread to help “Katy” and AIM Peñasco to feed the hungry.

I recommend watching this video if you and someone you know may be hungry for a good story about Covid-19. One that reminds us of the power of kindness, hope, courage, and faith.