I had to speak with a whale rescue expert. I just had to. Two Rocky Point Beached Whales within days of each other can do that to you, right?

I had questions. I’m sure you have your own, too. Why did these fin whales wind up on our beach so far out of the annual whale migration season? Why fin whales? What is happening? How? What? Why? . So, I reached out to Justin Viezbicke. He is the California Stranding Coordinator for NOAA Fisheries, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency. This means he is the go to guy when whales and other large mammals get stranded on beaches or in other ways distressing situations. In this interview with Justin, you can’t help but hearing how much he loves whales, and how passionate he is about helping them. He is a really cool and likeable guy.

In sharing his insights and expertise on the Rocky Point Beached Whales and more, Justin Viezbicke shares tons of interesting information for whale lovers and curious folks like me.

I will admit I am like a little kid when I see whales and dolphins. I get really excited and I’m not even sure why.

But perhaps the other driving reason I was compelled to do a Rocky Point Podcast episode on this topic had to do with people. Specifically, the beautiful people who dropped everything in coming together in trying to save the first fin whale’s life. They were heroes to me. Granted, I am filled with gratitude and respect for them and what they chose to do in helping this stranded whale. However, I must also admit a boatload of envy in wishing I was right there with them, in the heart of this spiritual, almost magical moment. Those fine people, made up of Mexican beach and marine officials, soldiers, bomberos, and civilians brought out the very best in humanity.

Anyway, there is more than enough to keep you listening and informed in my conversation on what may have happened to these Rocky Point beached whales and why. Plus, you’ll gain insights into whale rescues. Go figure, I am just realizing we have done back to back episodes on animal rescues.