Holy Smokes! Go ahead. Fire up the play button. Watch this short video. You won’t be disappointed. What this young man does in about 30 seconds, I couldn’t likely do if I focused on it the rest of my remaining days and nights. I came across these guys on Benito Juarez Boulevard in Puerto Peñasco.

I wasn’t looking for him…but I couldn’t stop watching him.

He and his buddies were set up on the corner. They were across the street from Francisco Leon Garcia Municipal Stadium. Or as my son Julian prefers to remember it, right across the street from the Thrifty Ice Cream shop. (Daddy O sometimes uses ice cream as a preventive measure to soothe a teenager’s voice which otherwise might be prone to complaining as we embark on the drive home from Arizona’s beach).

Anyway, I was driving to El Malecón. I was anxiously hoping to get a shot of the post-sunset color filled sky over the Sea of Cortez. But, when I saw what they were doing, I chose fire in the air over fire in the sky. I took a detour. I knew I could find a way to make room for these guys in the video I was producing.

It was early on the Friday evening of the 2019 Rocky Point Rally Weekend. I was shooting footage for the annual highlights video of the event I’ve done the past couple of years. If you haven’t seen this past year’s video, it makes for some truly entertaining people watching. It’s embedded for you to watch at the bottom of this page. (You must be 18 or older for the Mardi Gras-like material).

Normally, I hope to avoid stopping at red lights at some intersections along Benito Juarez Boulevard. But that’s simply because I’d rather not deal with high pressure car windshield cleaners.

I can appreciate any people trying to make a buck or a few pesos honestly. But I guess I’ve just had more than my fill of their way more aggressive colleagues from my days of driving in New York City. Whatever the reason, donating to get my windshield cleaned (or made more dirty) isn’t my cup of tea or tequila when in Rocky Point.

But these guys? Their entrepreneurship was much cooler. It used fire. They were different. They had an act, a routine. Hands down they were better. One guy’s hands passionately banged out the beat. He set the tone. He got your attention. Then his partner used his hands, along with his extraordinary hand-eye coordination.

They were talented and motivated. They worked as a team. How good were they? You can judge for yourself in the video. But I’ll tell you this much…while I was there, the people in vehicles stopped for the red lights were actually watching them. That they chose this fire juggling performance over checking their smartphones since the previous red light serves as a sure fire testimonial, doesn’t it? Plus, windows were opened and donations in appreciation were made.

I’ve seen other street performers perched at this same intersection. I’ve seen guys juggling things, riding a unicycle, and things like that. Yet personally, I never saw these particular young men perform their fire juggling act before. Granted, it’s the off-season, but nor have I seen them since.

Any time I see a juggling act, it takes me back years ago in comparison. It was a morning I was on Venice Beach in Southern California. There was a guy in a tank top and jeff hat or flat cap. He juggled 1 bowling ball and 2 live chain saws at the same time. His set of balls was bigger than the one he juggled. People couldn’t reach into their wallets and purses fast enough to hand him cash.

Now I have another memory of juggling, and it’s connected to Rocky Point. The beauty of this one is it’s one of many fond memories I have in this unique seaside resort. And God willing, I hope to make many more.