Talking Rocky Point is like talking politics today. It’s like Arizona Route 85. Good luck finding a safe place in the middle of the road. Like in a game of horseshoes, Phoenix Magazine definitely scored points for getting a ringer or being pretty darn close.

Discussing the subject of Puerto Peñasco, and the Arizona – Mexico border has become increasingly polarizing. There are two lanes in different directions. One is Pro-Rocky Point. The other is against Rocky Point, and probably Mexico. There’s little to no ifs ands or buts about it.

But Dan Gleason managed to ride above it in writing his featured article titled “Rocky Relations.” I commend him for that. Believe me, I know the roads when you talk about going to Puerto Peñasco, and crossing border. They’re rocky for sure. There are pitfalls as well as potholes. There are often people coming at you in the other direction at a high rate of speed. There are people looking to cut you off and make their argument. It requires a two eyes on the road, two hands on the wheel kind of effort at all times.

So how did Dan Gleason do it? He followed the facts. Sure, he shares some of his personal viewpoints among the multiple opinions stated in his writing. And I invite to read all of them. We posted the Phoenix Magazine piece, “Rocky Relations,” here for your convenience.

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