Cindi Stafford Lowe has guts. And you may come away with the feeling of rooting for her when you’re listening to Episode 35 of the Rocky Point Podcast. It is titled, Ole’ Mole’ Penasco after the name of her new restaurant.

For years she and her family enjoyed visiting Rocky Point on trips from their home in Tucson, Arizona. Then with her 2 daughters being older and more self-sufficient, Cindi found herself going south of the border permanently. Puerto Peñasco has a way of calling people like that once falling in love with the town takes hold. 

But Cindi didn’t move into the beautiful condo she owns at the Sonoran Sun Resort on Sandy Beach. She is still renting that to guests who can’t seem to get enough of it. Instead, she moved into an apartment in town. She affectionately refers to it as “Living with the Locals.” 

This is a move easier said than done. We’re talking an American woman on her own with limited Spanish speaking skills. But wait. It gets better. 

Cindi Stafford Lowe is an American of Lebanese descent. And because of this or despite this, she had the guts to open a Mexican food restaurant in Puerto Peñasco. 

Don’t think she is being foolish. It’s quite the contrary actually. Cindi is being smart while pursuing her passion. She also has a Mexican partner with Ole’ Mole’. They travelled to Oaxaca to develop authentic Oaxacan recipes for Mole’ and other items on the menu. Plus, they have been receiving tremendous support from established professionals in the culinary community in Puerto Peñasco. They have been given sound advice on how to successfully open their restaurant. And they are following it like a proven recipe. 

You may find this podcast episode is telling one of those stories where you just can’t help pulling for a happy ending. Long before plans of opening a restaurant, Cindi and her partner developed a plan for distributing food to the poor and hungry people of Puerto Peñasco. Perhaps by listening here you will get hungry. Even better, maybe you will be wanting to put a fork into a helping hand at Ole’ Mole’.