My Rocky Point Gas Research Project is new detailed information for you. Host Thomas Baldrick has been watching prices. And after his trip to and from Puerto Peñasco this week, he has put together a summary of what it was costing to buy gasoline. This is easy money for you. Just listening along and going by the numbers, you’ll be able to save real money. And we’re not talking enough to pay for windshield washing on the street. Thomas tells you and proves to you how following this plan is good enough for you in treating yourself to tacos, tequila, a beach massage, or something else,

In hosting at his Sonoran Sun 510 East condo, his frequent Rocky point road trips are starting and ending in Chandler, Arizona. So, especially if you are starting out from Arizona on your next Mexican adventure, this is for you.

For you, the podcast episode, My Rocky Point Gas Research is time well spent. Isn’t that a whole better than your hard-earned money being wasted buying the same gas at the highest priced stations?

Thomas shares what his longtime plan has been for buying gas on this drives he is often making at least once a week. Even better,  My Rocky Point Gas Research gives you the exact details of his new plan.