“No news is good news.” You have heard those words spoken before, right? But, this episode of the Rocky Point Podcast proves again, the saying is not always right. This is the real-life story of a scared little dog who ran off into the Arizona desert. She now answers to the name, “Milagra,” because her new owner gratefully points out in español…it means “miracle.”

Many people heard about the dog’s disappearance through social media and other means. Some of us went searching for her. Many others said prayers and sent positive thoughts for her to be found…and fast.

For everyone, no news almost certainly meant bad news in this case. The dog was on her way to her Forever Home in Tucson, Arizona. But she did not know that. The person transporting her let her out for a potty break on Arizona Route 85 at Tillotson Peak in the Organ Pipe National Monument.

After doing her business, something spooked her. It could have been in the present, or from her past. Anyway, instead of getting back into the vehicle, she guessed wrong and took off into the Arizona desert.

It was nearly 120 degrees during the June heatwave. Looking at the situation and the odds logically, we all were expecting the worst. Yes, even Lisa Annibal Shumaker, who eagerly adopted her. How could you not? She was lost on the home turf of coyotes and other creatures. There was extreme heat. She had no food or water.

But what you will discover in this Rocky Point Podcast Episode is something special we didn’t know either about “Milagra.” She is a dog (not cat) who seems to have nine lives.

Here’s why. She and her sister were among a group of dogs who went through God knows what less than dreamy conditions in Mexicali. They were provided lifesaving assistance and transported to Barb’s Dog Rescue in Puerto Peñasco. Like so many, these dogs over time had to be taught by example again that good people will help them and not hurt them.

And indeed, it was good people saving the day…and this dog. If you want some good news and a shot of hope and inspiration, this episode of the Rocky Point Podcast is for you. Enjoy listening to this surprise happy ending.