Rocky Point Podcast Host Thomas Baldrick with Mexinsurance Guru Charles Lundy.

If you go, you know. Trips to Rocky Point Mexico are safe. But still, just like driving in your full-time neighborhood or city, accidents do happen on the roads in Mexico, too. That is one of the many good reasons why you need Mexican Insurance. But perhaps the most important one is also the easiest to remember. Since January 1, 2019, you should be carrying Mexican Insurance when you visit because it is law.

There are also many good reasons we are proudly featuring Mexican Insurance in an episode of the Rocky Point Podcast. For starters, it is an important topic. And as a result of it being the law, you might think more visitors driving in Mexico would take it seriously. But not so fast. They don’t.

But you’re better than that because of the content in this episode. Many visitors enter Mexico with a bare basics education of Mexican Insurance. Yes, we all have other priorities. However, knowing only you will be creating more problems if you get caught without it is not nearly enough to keep you out of real trouble. One of the best ways of being better protected while visiting Mexico is realizing taking the matter of insurance seriously could be one of the smartest decisions you make.

In this episode, we are thrilled to be featuring Charles Lundy. He is the longtime trusted insurance expert, and owner of Mexinsurance in Southern California. Sir Charles is a wealth of helpful information in guiding you through a crash course in Mexican Insurance. (Apologies, the pun was too hard to resist). Please give this episode a chance…not for us. But for YOU. Downloading and listening to this episode while you are driving to or from Puerto Peñasco offers you the ideal time and setting for realizing what you don’t know…can absolutely hurt you.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to become an expert like Charles Lundy. But you sure can benefit by listening to him. In this short time, you can easily gain a potentially life changing understanding of the value of Mexican Insurance. This includes learning about your risks, your rights, and the wrongs which can have a major impact on you, your loved ones, your personal assets, and more.

Enjoy the conversation between Host Thomas Baldrick and his trusted friend “Sir Charles.” It’s the important roadmap for this episode of the Rocky Point Podcast.