About the Host – Thomas Baldrick

This podcast is about a place with 2 names. Puerto Peñasco and Rocky Point. It’s a podcast about a place with 2 main identities. A great fishing village and popular tourist attraction. So, it’s fitting the Rocky Point Podcast Host brings 2 custom gifts to the job. Hola! I’m Thomas Baldrick. Award-winning broadcaster, and lover of Rocky Point.

I take pride and pleasure in being someone who can talk with anyone. Many times people have said this about me or asked, “You’ve never met a stranger, have you?” I feel good about that. I like it. This supports why I’m in the right seat behind the microphone.

Think of the vendors who sell their goods up and down Mexico’s beaches. (I know!) Some wear a stack of sombreros for sale on their head. In a different way, I wear multiple hats beyond just Host on the Rocky Point Podcast.

Chuckle with me for a moment. Check out our show credits. Trust me, this is not for my ego. I’m hoping it shows you the Rocky Point Podcast is truly a labor of love.

Creator: Thomas Baldrick.
Producer: Thomas Baldrick
Production Assistant: Thomas Baldrick
Editor: Thomas Baldrick.
Chief Cook and Bottle Washer: Thomas Baldrick
Guy Who Gets Blamed for Stuff: Thomas Baldrick


Multi-tasking is a challenge which I have experience and a love-hate relationship. The smoke and mirrors is I’m actually a 7-Time Emmy Award winning Television Reporter, Producer, Host, and Writer.

Say What?

I’ve improved enough to enjoy and specialize as a professional interviewer. That’s because soon after I began my career, I learned I was too inexperienced and not good at interviewing. I realized even more many people in the media weren’t good at it either. Perhaps you’ve noticed something similar. : ) I’ve conducted thousands of live and pre-recorded interviews. The wide range of these were done with everyday newsmakers, and many of the biggest names in news, sports, politics, business, and entertainment.

In radio, I’ve done some work in Phoenix, Arizona, and my hometown of Philadelphia, PA. I’ve also been interviewed myself as a live guest on radio stations across the United States.


At home in Chandler, Arizona, I’m just “Dad,” “Daddy O,” or “Dumb Dad,” depending on the moment in time. That comes with the job of being a dedicated, full-time solo parent to my teenage son. “The Baldrick Boys” manage amazing guest experiences at Sonoran Sun 510 East. It’s a highly rated, beach-themed, beachfront condo at the popular Sonoran Sun Resort in Puerto Peñasco. It’s also the place we convert (or turn upside down) into a studio for recording our podcast episodes. You can catch our Father Son Act in this video about our Rocky Point Condo.

Every time I’m near the Sea of Cortez, life just feels better. I laugh at myself sometimes for my zodiac traits. The element of water. The symbol of fish. I am one of those tried and true sensitive Pisces males

Logically, you might think the idea for The Rocky Point Podcast came while gazing out at the Sea of Cortez. Or maybe, because this podcast is the perfect companion for driving to and from Puerto Peñasco, the idea came during one of my frequent road trips.


I admit the idea was born in the shower after getting home from Puerto Peñasco. For years, taking a shower has been like a maternity ward of creativity for me. Maybe it’s a different example of the power I feel being near water, right?

No matter where your ideas come from, if you think you have one for the Rocky Point Podcast Host or Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, please drop me a line. It could be a compelling story about a person, place, or thing, or just some friendly advice. Like one of the Rocky Point Charter Boats, there’s no guarantee you will catch big fish. But at least we’ll connect and explore what we can do together. Okay?