Relax. You don’t have to be ready. Just dream a little. That’s the mindset of our featured expert guest, Ms. Jennifer Ridsdel. She is the perfect fit for this episode of the Rocky Point Podcast is titled:

How to Buy Condos at the Sonoran Resorts.

Mexico is its own country, not the U.S. or Canada. So you probably know buying real estate in Puerto Peñasco is different. But different can be better. That’s especially once you get our inside conversation about buying condos at the Sonoran Resorts. This is the most popular developer in town. Specializing in beautiful beachfront condos along Sandy Beach explains why.


Sure, you have many options. The Sonoran Resorts alone give you plenty of good ones. You also have one truly great one. Let me explain.

The Sonoran Resorts offer 4 luxury properties along Sandy Beach. Maybe a fifth is in the works. It has literally hundreds of condos to choose from. Every single one of them is beachfront with a spectacular view of the Sea of Cortez.

But buyer beware.

There is another key number to remember if you’re considering buying condos at the Sonoran Resorts.

There is only one Jennifer Ridsdel.


It’s best to have her give you the scoop on the Sonoran Resorts. Instead, I’ll give you the scoop on her.

We’re all blessed Jennifer is our guest for this episode. Don’t be fooled by her title of “Buyer’s Agent.” This professional and passionate licensed real estate extraordinaire is really a “Buyer’s Best Friend.” Her role is to protect your interests and educate you on the best choices.

Last but not least, she prides herself in getting you the best price.

Think of it this way. We all know that woman who excels at shopping, right? She just loves it. She does research and knows the market inside and out. She knows the brands and products. She is rich in experience and knows pricing like no other. And the proverbial cherry on top is she is relentless and determined to shop for the best bargains. Okay. That woman you know is not alone. Now you also know, Jennifer Ridsdel. Does she sound like someone you might like working for you?

In this podcast episode, Jennifer shares valuable advice and strategies for success. Just being who she is, you can’t miss getting a sense of her passion, professionalism, and work ethic. Beyond any doubt, all of Jennifer Ridsdel’s traits stand out in Puerto Peñasco.

You’ll hear it if you listen to the podcast. You’ll see it if you watch the YouTube video. This woman has got it together. And take it from me. She can bring it all together if you’re looking to get a great deal on a great real estate investment or vacation property at one of the most popular resorts in Rocky Point.

Don’t worry.

The interview content delivers rock solid information. Jennifer Ridsdel presents it the same way she does business all hours of the day, basically every day. There’s no direct or indirect sales pressure or games…ever.

There would be nothing wrong with describing her using clichés such as “She’s on your side.” But I believe there’s a better to say it. She genuinely cares. Her heart makes it seem and feel like she cares every bit as much as the people she represents.


We’ll make it easy for you to contact her. You may want to do so as soon as you reach the end of this episode. You can call or text her cell at (719) 237-3170. She will answer or respond in a timely manner.

And summing it up as simply as I can:

I began as her client at the Sonoran Resorts. Now I am also grateful to be friends with her and her cool husband, Doug. Jennifer Ridsdel provides expertise, effort, and outstanding customer service during one of the biggest, most important customer purchases in a person’s life. What more could you want?

Jennifer Ridsdel’s family found their paradise in Puerto Peñasco. She could help you find yours.