Oh the things you can be getting done in one hour. Isn’t that right? I found this mindset especially fitting in spending one hour on a popular Phoenix radio station. It was fun switching roles from host to guest for The Think Tank. It was even better because during that one hour, I was lucky enough to be talking about Rocky Point Mexico.

In Episode 34 of the Rocky Point Podcast, you will be sitting next to me as I was a guest on News 92.3 KTAR-FM in Phoenix, Arizona. The show is called, The Think Tank with Dr. Mike O’Neil. The purpose was talking real world about Rocky Point.



Many interesting topics were covered. We were bouncing from the local economy, to the expanding real estate development,  and the misconceptions about the safety of vacationing in Puerto Peñasco. And yes, I can’t help myself talking about how I love many of the people who make this community special to me.

Please allow me to give credit where due. The person responsible for thinking up the idea is Dr. Mike O’Neil. He is the distinguished host of this weekly radio show. But what is even more compelling is Mike is a condo owner along Sandy Beach. He has been vacationing in Mexico for years. He knows all about overcoming fears of doing so, and now wonders what he was afraid of about trips he now willingly takes south of the border.

I am cordially inviting you to check it out this episode. Then afterward, I’m encouraging you to check out The Think Tank airing every weekend. During a one-hour discussion on-air, each episode explores riveting political, economic, and social issues. You will find Mike not only serving as moderator and interviewer, but he also sharing his insightful knowledge and opinions.

One final point feels important in sharing here. I am late in publicly thanking Mike O’Neil. I am grateful for this recent opportunity he provided me in promoting the little Mexican seaside resort we all love.

Here is the truth of what happened.

After recording the show at the KTAR radio studios in Phoenix, Arizona, I simply got stuck in the sands of life. There were pressing work projects, creating timely proposals, and developing a website for an exciting, new Rocky Point event I’m producing. (Details coming soon). But the most powerful delay was an unexpectedly long trip back home to the Philly area, which included the funeral of a loved one.

So my apologies to one and all. I hope you find listening to this latest from the Rocky Point Podcast was worth the wait. Best wishes, Thomas Baldrick