Let others bark up the wrong tree. Let others focus on dogs as “Man’s Best Friend.” Barbara Mumaugh has proven to be “Dog’s Best Friend” by her love, actions, passion, and dedication. This remarkable woman does things right at Barb’s Dog Rescue in Rocky Point. It has built her a legacy reaching way beyond borders and Puerto Peñasco. Just consider the thousands of her four-legged friends she rescued, or the families who now give them food, water, shelter, and love.

Please, don’t overthink this.

You don’t need to be a dog lover to appreciate this podcast episode. It’s so heartbreaking and heartwarming, one only has to be human to be moved by this story. Now, about that million dollar question of “Who Saved Who?” Listen and decide for yourself. It may inspire you more to bark up the RIGHT tree in your life.

It was some 18 years ago. Barb’s Dog Rescue in Puerto Peñasco rose up from the ashes of her shattered life in Arizona. My goodness. And her powerful story is forever linked at the heart with many more tales of innocent dogs needing her rescuing to survive.


These realities will grab hold of you when you hear them. They will pull you like an excited dog on a leash through examples of courage, cruelty, compassion, and ultimately the power of love.

On any given day, there are 300 or more dogs having Barb’s Dog Rescue as their home. Some will never leave her compound on the north side of town. These are usually dogs who are too old, or have other problems. They will live out their days and nights with friends, love, care, and dignity in the safety of the shelter.

For puppies and smaller breeds, the hope is they’re short timers at Barb’s Dog Rescue. The goals are for them to get healthy physically and emotionally. A rebirth awaits if they can overcome their abuse enough to trust again. Barb works to get dogs adopted by a loving person or family who will care for them and about them. She makes people swear to her to commit to providing a good life, a better life, in the dog’s new, “Forever Home.”


Barbara Mumaugh’s life-saving mission nurses and nurtures every dog it takes in. It transforms homelessness into a busy group home of peers. It treats injuries and illnesses. It feeds malnourished bodies and equally malnourished emotional needs, too.

Barb’s Dog Rescue removes dogs from the cycle of abuse they suffered. In a perfect world, dogs not only leave the facility physically, but leave behind their fears enough to return to what comes naturally for them. That’s being “man’s best friend.”

Barbara Mumaugh literally lives and breathes to care for all her dogs. It’s not a burden. It’s an honor for her. She does it day in and day out, taking a vacation once in a blue moon. What may be most compelling in her heroic journey is how this life-saving mission for dogs saved Barbara’s own life, giving it powerful new purpose and meaning.


Let’s plan ahead, shall we? After taking in this episode of the Rocky Point Podcast, you may be inspired to take in a dog. Or perhaps you’ll want to offer other support. Either way, we’ll make it easy for you.

  • To visit Barb’s Dog Rescue in person. It’s on the west side of Highway 8 about 8 miles before you arrive in town at Puerto Peñasco. Look for the bright yellow signs. Get ready to magically get matched with your dog.


  • To visit Barb’s Dog Rescue online, go to their website. You can also find them on the usual social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


  • To call, you can dial direct from the USA at 480-264-1162. From Mexico, it’s 011-521-638-114-1659 or 638-114-1659.

Be sure to tell them the Rocky Point Podcast sent you. Woof Woof!