Sometimes reality IS stranger than fiction. This episode of the Rocky Point Podcast certainly reflects that. Join us as we take you inside:

The Red Cross Rocky Point Rock Stars

These are real-life everyday heroes. They perform critical missions which make a difference. Sometimes they are lifesaving missions. You might think this has them idolized by the masses. Not so fast my friends.

Think about it this way for a moment. Tell me if our world is out of whack. Millions of people around the world willingly pay high ticket prices to enjoy Drake, Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, and others perform live in concert. In the United States, the same is true for the likes of the Oprah, Netflix, The National Football League, and others. We’ve made them multi-billion dollar enterprises because we value watching their performances. No judgment. I’m guilty.

Meanwhile, worlds apart is Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. Here, Cruz Roja – The Mexican Red Cross lives a much different reality. These Rocky Point Red Cross Rock Stars must deliver on-demand performances. Their heroic work involves helping others and saving lives. Yet somehow, their more important mission lives or dies through asking for small donations from the public.

Interesting. huh?


Discover why I call the Rocky Point Red Cross Rock Stars, “The First of the First Responders.” In Puerto Peñasco, Cruz Roja, the Mexican Red Cross truly deserve rock star status. You will really want to hear why.

It doesn’t matter if someone is a local resident or visiting foreigner. If someone/anyone needs help, the dedicated men and women of the Mexican Red Cross are ready and quick to serve. Day or night, rain or shine, Cruz Roja is the go to emergency service in Rocky Point. And guess what?

They do not charge for their services!

You name the call. They respond to it. Alcohol overindulgence, car crashes, falls, heart attacks, rhino riding accidents, sting ray encounters, and much more.

You name the place in Rocky Point. They get there quickly. It could be Cholla Bay, Las Conchas, Las Palomas, the Malecon, Sandy Beach, and more.

In Mexico, the Red Cross works under the umbrella of the same international organization as the United States. But south of the border the needs are much different and much greater.



Cruz Roja is the all-purpose, go to emergency response team. When you call 9-1-1 from Bella Sirena, the parking lot of Sam’s Club, or from the side of the road on Benito Juarez Boulevard, it’s the same result. The Rocky Point Red Cross Rock Stars will always come to provide aid. As a result, I call them, “The First of the First Responders.”

They proudly work and live by their mission to help men, women, and children in need. It’s all done with no distinctions. They don’t care who may have been right or wrong. They don’t care if you’re Mexican or American, Catholic or Muslim, gay, straight, or transgender, Trump hater or Trump supporter.

Furthermore, the caring Puerto Peñasco paramedics provide professional medical attention while paying no attention to whether you have money to pay for their services. Again, that’s because they don’t charge. Anyone. They just help others in the best way they can with emergency medical attention. In case that’s not enough of a selling point, it also comes with kindness and respect.

The Rocky Point Red Cross treats your emergencies as theirs. They make it personal, and that’s a good thing. This level of care and service is true whether they give you a band-aid or perform life-saving CPR. All they ask in return, is you treat them with respect. And if you can…please provide them with a donation. They will graciously accept it. But, they won’t force you to be generous, even though they depend on it.



I have a feeling you’ll be enlightened by this podcast episode. Perhaps you’ll also be impressed by the professionalism and compassionate thoughts and words of certified paramedics, Fernando Vazquez and Maryfer Estrada. I know I sure was.