Congratulations and Condolences! This is my saying when someone gets divorced. This is also my reaction regarding the Rocky Point Rally 2019 Weekend. Congratulations if you went! No doubt you had a blast. Condolences if you couldn’t or didn’t go. You missed quite the fiesta.

The 19th edition of this annual event lived up to its reputation as “The Greatest Motorcycle Fiesta Just South of the Border.” But don’t just take it from me. You can easily judge for yourself. Check out the new video above which is our latest podcast episode. It’s titled:

Rocky Point Rally 2019 – The Best and Worst of!”

The video is a fast-paced, action-packed highlights piece. In a little over 8 minutes, it includes a fun sample size of the thousands of motorcycles and thousands more people who rolled into Puerto Peñasco over the past few days. It included Mexicans and Americans, riders and never bikers, active participants and passive onlookers.  Women, men, and kids from 1 to 92.

While seemingly everyone else was partying day and night, I worked by tail off day and night in producing the video. I’m not complaining, quite the opposite actually.

The Rocky Point Rally 2019 gave me an adrenalin rush. There was so much activity. I enjoy people. And I really enjoy people watching. There was plenty of all of it. Plus, visual storytelling is one of those creative outlets with layers. It’s exciting in the chase of capturing moments as they happen. And it’s exciting in editing and connecting them.


As for Puerto Peñasco, I thought the video could be important and make a positive difference. Now more than ever.

– I knew this Rocky Point Rally video would be popular. I did something similar last year for my friends who own Lightning Strike, a company with patented motorcycle safety lights to make riders and bikes more visible on the road.

– If people liked the video, it believed it could help with introducing them to the new Rocky Point Podcast I recently launched. My thought was if you liked the video, you might take a chance on realizing you’ll also enjoy the podcast.

– I like the Rocky Point Rally Founder, Oscar Palacio Soto, and his trusted colleague, Shandra Keesecker. They work hard for months in pulling together the event.

– I like the event being the biggest charity fundraiser of the year in Puerto Peñasco. If the video gets more interested in attending, I’ll be supporting more than a handful of worthwhile local causes.

One could easily make the case every year of an annual event can be similar but also different. The Rocky Point Rally 2019 event looked and felt like it was business as usual. After all, the town was packed with thousands of motorcycle lovers and party people coming together for fun, and more fun.

But perhaps this time, taking place in an unusual time with recent news stories it did feel different, to me anyway. For the record, here is my true experience from every person I encountered:

Not a single person asked me, “Is Rocky Point safe?

Not a single person expressed concern to me about getting there, being there, or getting home safely. (To my knowledge, all of them did). How about that?

I’ll say it again. Don’t just take it from me. And for God’s sake, whatever you do don’t listen to anyone who wasn’t within 100 miles of the event or has never been to it.

Look at all the smiling faces in the video, Rocky Point Rally 2019 – The Best and Worst of!” They’re not fake smiles. It’s not fake news. Fun is good. Life is good in Puerto Peñasco. Still.