Everything happens for a reason, right? Something like this has probably happened to you. The whole experience in launching this project has felt like it was meant to be. After much mixing of creative thought and soul searching, the idea for the Rocky Point Podcast appeared in my brain. Boom! It was sudden. The exact moment was during a cold shower. That wasn’t new to me. I’ve gotten many creative ideas in the shower before. Go ahead. Laugh.

Then, before I knew it (or could allow my fear to stop it) the project came into my life with momentum and came to life. From the beginning, there was curiosity and excitement. Fear was there, too. I recognized it but just let it be. I never questioned if I would launch my first podcast or how I would get it done. Instead, the questions I asked were:

  • How is it nobody before me created a podcast all about Puerto Peñasco?
  • Why NOT me?
  • Who cares that I don’t everything I need to know, how can I NOT do this? It’ll be awesome.

It felt so cool to ignore my fears in one part of my brain while focusing on the positive and productive parts. I’d meet someone in Puerto Peñasco. Or, I’d be told about a place or a person. I’d instantly know if they were “right” for featuring on this podcast. Sometimes I’d even get a tingling sensation or chills.

The thoughts, the plans keep coming to mind. So do the signs, which I’ve been tuning in to see and follow. All of this has come at more than a steady drip. It’s been flowing. I’m often scribbling ideas and action items on whatever writing surface is within reach. When I don’t have my little notebook handy, I use napkins, shopping receipts, even torn pieces of cardboard.



I had to research podcasts. I knew they were rising in popularity but didn’t realize how much. I moved quickly. My first purchase was the domain for this very website. Next was buying expensive equipment I wasn’t even really sure how to use. The whole experience has been both surreal and as real as the universe gets. Plain and simple, this bears repeating:

Launching the Rocky Point Podcast has felt like it was meant to be.

It’s a real-life example of one of those “Right Guy in the Right Place at the Right Time” situations where a guy rolls through fear and obstacles to create a new reality. Here are my combined “life forces” which were working with me and for me in launching this podcast:

–  Being a new rental property manager of the Sonoran Sun 510 East condo on Sandy Beach in Puerto Peñasco.

–  Having a broadcasting background with 7 Emmy Awards as a television host, reporter, producer, and writer.

–  Being a full-time solo dad ready to do something for himself again as his boy reaches teenager status.

–  Feeling a desire to connect with others, and connect others in the growing community of Rocky Point lovers.

–  Owning a longtime passion for sharing great stories which seemed to get supercharged by meeting new and interesting people in Puerto Peñasco.

–  Instantly believing this idea was a solution for making the drives to and from Rocky Point more enjoyable and more productive for visitors.

–  Maintaining a calming confidence I would be building a tool for promoting Puerto Peñasco, bringing together local people and businesses with those looking to enjoy great beach escapes in a unique, seaside resort town.


Woman lying down using mp3 player

I’ve been so humbled in my life, I know this podcast isn’t all about me. For all these reasons and more, I’m sure this is about providing service to others. Hence, I can’t help but believe you’ll love the Rocky Point Podcast.

Our podcast episodes don’t use the fast-food approach. They’ve got some real meat to them, and you have time to digest the content. We hope you’ll learn new things as well as share some laughs. It’s all customized to deliver value, especially for the rides through the desert to and from Rocky Point.

We’ll be genuine, and we’re launching with powerful stories. We’ve come out of the gate with me simply being honest introducing mine. I’m certainly not trying to sound like the greatest thing since tacos. Being real can work. We’re striving to be interesting and informative, entertaining and engaging. I ask you to please just give us a chance. Give us some time. We’ll be sure to mix things up. We’ll be open to change. Gotta keep things fresh in a town known for its fresh seafood, right?

Obviously something led you to find the Rocky Point Podcast. Thank you for providing more proof there would interest in content like this. May joining us bring you the benefits and joys of knowledge, entertainment, and ultimately your precious time well spent.

With gratitude,

Thomas Baldrick – Host, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer