Commercial flights are coming to Puerto Peñasco again. And the Rocky Point Podcast covers the excitement of Calafia Airlines A7 101 arriving at Mar de Cortes International Airport on April 29, 2022. The plane brought in way more than just 50 passengers and crew members on a direct flight from Tijuana. With its taking off and landing comes plenty of exciting news and possibilities.

It is a great day of hope and promise for tourism and economic growth in Rocky Point Mexico. Commercial flight service is returning to Rocky Point for the first time since 2016. Direct commercial flights between Tijuana and Puerto Peñasco are now twice weekly on Fridays and Mondays. Given Tijuana’s open-door connection with Southern California, one of the largest economies in the world is now closer and much more accessible for Rocky Point visitors.

Flying commercial flights to Rocky Point from Tijuana saves time and effort compared to driving. And given the current prices of gasoline, many can also be saving money. That’s because round-trip airfare is listing at around 3500 pesos ($175 dollars). This price includes airport transfers and standard luggage fees.

Many big smiles told the story. Many hugs and high 5’s did, too. You would need a fleet of cargo planes in making room for them all. In the spotlight was Sonora Governor Alfonso Durazo and Puerto Peñasco Mayor Jorge Pivac. In our capturing on camera the mayor’s hug and embrace with Director of Tourism Omar Saenz, you can feel the excitement in the moment.


Well-deserved congratulations are also in order for Fernando Antillon, the longtime presence and Executive General Manager at Mar de Cortes International Airport. He has been the one working ferociously behind the scenes for more than five years to convince an airline in bringing commercial flight service back to Puerto Peñasco. And no, he is not done with Tijuana and connecting cities now being back on board. Fernando is hoping to lure other flight service options, and is continuing in talks with locations in both Mexico and the United States.

For now though, what’s may be next on the horizon can be stored in the overhead compartment. This is indeed the right time for celebrating the moment of re-opening commercial flights with Tijuana.