Forget about it! Or as some of my east coast friends would say, “fuggedaboutit!” That’s my opinion about being on a diet in Puerto Peñasco. I couldn’t do it. There’s way too much temptation from delicious food (and drink). And it’s not just fresh seafood, tacos, and tequila. You must try the Candy Cake Restaurant, Bakery, and Coffee Shop. Diet. No diet. Or… what diet?

As you’ll learn more in this latest episode of the Rocky Point Podcast, Candy Cake is a slice of Heaven for Foodies.

It’s a classic tale of food and a Mexican family. As Founder, Monica Hernandez will tell you, these two things go together like hand in hand and fork in mouth.

It all began when her love for family and food got supercharged by her talent and ability at baking. Monica received rave reviews for her tasty recipes. But people proved they were hungry for more. You see, requests kept rolling in for Monica to cook up her own business.


I love the concept of people following their passion. But I believe following one’s PASSION AND SKILLS works out better. For example, it didn’t take long for Monica Hernandez to bake her way right out of a full-time real estate job. She opened the family bakery, much to the delight of growing numbers of those with a sweet tooth.

And like many families, change and expansion occur. Her husband, Omar, works more at Candy Cake now than he does as a real estate attorney. Their daughter Marilyn graduated college and was ready to see and take on the world. But a loving mother and grandmother wooed her to stay in Puerto Peñasco with an opportunity to cook up her own vision of Candy Cake. So, the mouth-watering bakery recipes were joined with creative and delicious breakfast dishes.


Major League Baseball great, Yogi Berra, gets credit for a funny saying about a restaurant in St. Louis. (Though he wasn’t the first to use it). “Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded!”


I bring up that joke here because there’s a good chance you may have to wait in line to get seated at Candy Cake. Here’s why.

For a restaurant, Candy Cake has pulled off a rare proof of performance, quality, and value. It was an eating establishment designed to serve the local residents of Puerto Peñasco. Hence, it’s more than reasonable prices today still reflect that.

However, the tourists who love to visit Rocky Point have also made their mark on the Candy Cake menu. It seems that being crowded impacted customers waiting in late mornings differently. More and more were changing their minds about ordering breakfast by the time they were seated. This inspired young go-getter Marilyn to have the idea to expand from bakery and breakfast into lunch. And let me tell you, lunch here is by no means chopped liver compared to the breakfast and bakery items.


Yes, you need food to survive. It sounds to funny to say something so obvious. But most people understand food in our lives can be so much more. Good food alone can bring about pure pleasure. It can provide a unique, multi-level experience for the senses. But equally important is this. Eating is also one of our most common social activities for sharing precious time and memories with friends and family.

For these reasons and more, I love Candy Cake in Puerto Peñasco. It’s a restaurant and bakery I highly recommend. And being honest not at all egotistical, I highly recommend listening to this episode of the Rocky Point Podcast. It serves up an entertaining and informative telling of the Hernandez family and Candy Cake story.

Order up! Enjoy.