Andy Rooney of “60 Minutes” fame was right. He keenly observed, “Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes.” It’s funny to read. But not so funny once you own the truth of it. Isn’t that right? From a similar mindset comes this personal observation. My goodness. Maybe it’s me.

But isn’t it hard to believe the 2019 Rocky Point Rally is just down the road?

Last November seems like it was just here. I worked hard producing my first Rocky Point Rally video. It was for the motorcycle safety light company, Lightning Strike. Now here I was again. But it’s somehow September 2019. And I’m editing a new YouTube video to preview the 2019 Rocky Point Rally.


Where did the time go? When I looked at the footage, it was all too familiar to me.

In fact, there were images from the previous Rocky Point Rally which my brain still hadn’t sent to the recycle bin. For instance:

  • I could still picture the entire Malecon area filled with happy faces.


  • I could see (and hear) the motorcycle burnouts done with crowds of trusting or unaware people just a few feet away.


  • I could see the masks, wigs, motorcycle gear, tattoos, and other fashion statements. And who could forget all the Mardi Gras-like beads?


  • I could see (and smell) all the delicious food. I try not to think about this one too much. It makes me hungry.


  • Last but certainly not least, I could still see the many cocktails and women’s tops raised in the spirit of a good time street party. You gotta love an event where most inhibitions and worries are left at the border. Yet, it’s still a pretty safe environment.

(However, there’s one big exception. In the wrong hands, an unwelcomed smartphone could be considered a lethal weapon).

Really, what I can’t recall is seeing people who were uptight, confrontational, or easily offended. I heard there was one fight that weekend. But think about it. That’s not too shabby when you consider there may have been 25,000 people around.

There are no official numbers regarding the quantities of tequila or testosterone on hand. Chances are, you could find more arguments among grownups at any kid’s sporting event. 😊

So, in case you need to see it in writing, let me be perfectly clear with my opinion:

Yes! It is safe to go to Puerto Peñasco! Yes! It is safe to go to the 2019 Rocky Point Rally!

Overall, people who don’t like the average motorcycle riders, haven’t seen enough of them. To me, they are different than the “bikers” who give the name a black eye. Many people I’ve come across who ride motorcycles for recreation enjoy more than feeling the wind through their hair. They enjoy adventure on two wheels, and all the related adventures which come with it. They enjoy people. And they enjoy life.

What is cool about the 2019 Rocky Point Rally, is proven by the previous 18 versions of the annual event. Whoever you are, you can go and have your own experience that weekend. It’s like this.

  • If you just want to ride your bike in the parade and “be seen,” you can have a blast doing that. (If you want to be seen by drivers on the road, visit Lightning Strike who will be set up by El Oktopus).


  • If you are really into checking out everything about motorcycles and talking motorcycles, you can find plenty of others to share in your slice of heaven.


  • If you don’t know to start or ride a motorcycle, or have never even been on one, rest assured there are no pop quizzes or exams.


  • If you’re just there to party and enjoy the company of others in the beautiful seaside resort of Puerto Peñasco, you can have a great time.


  • And if you’re into people watching, I guarantee there will be no shortage of subjects at the 2019 Rocky Point Rally.

After 19 years, this event has earned its reputation as the greatest motorcycle fiesta south of the border. The 2019 Rocky Point Rally has earned its place as a true “happening” on the Puerto Peñasco calendar. If you can make it there, you won’t make it home without at least a few good laughs and a few good stories.