Meet Nina. This brown beauty tells a story about a calling. Nina’s story is unique in that it also tells you everything you need to know about Barbara Mumaugh, the founder of Barb’s Dog Rescue in Puerto Peñasco.

Nina knows Barbara Mumaugh better than many people do. The two share a relationship and a history which reminds you when love is involved, there is no such thing as “Going the Extra Mile.” When it comes to true love, the extra mile is merely part of the love journey.

When you hear this short story, you will know Nina knows a lot. Hence, she is the special guest star on this 9th day in our 12 Dogs of Christmas series here on the Rocky Point Podcast.

Barbara Mumaugh has answered a calling. It is a profound and powerful calling which is deeply rooted in honoring the memory of her daughter’s love for animals and helping to rescue them. In the special case of Nina, Barb’s calling wasn’t just in a spiritual sense. She would literally call for the dog every day to give her comfort, love, and food to survive.

Sounds extraordinary on its own, right?

Now consider how Barb would take responsibility for helping Nina…on top of having a busy rescue to run 24-7 with a few hundred dogs in various degrees of need. This view takes the story to a whole new level.

Nina in turn answered Barb’s calling. She responded with love from her heart by becoming one of the best 4-legged ambassadors there has ever been at Barb’s Dog Rescue. If you came to this facility on a trip to Rocky Point, Nina was always ready to greet you with a “Hero’s Welcome.” She seems always happy to see people who visit Barb’s Dog Rescue. Nina seems like she has her own calling to go the extra mile…out of love and gratitude for her life saving hero, Ms. Barbara Mumaugh.

After hearing this podcast episode, please come back to click this link if you feel a calling to help support caring for Nina.