Charlene’s owner was blind. But it was not just in terms of his eyesight. He was obviously blind to what a negative impact he was having on Charlene, her mother, and sister.

Imagine being confined in a small area with those you are closest to in life. Yet still, you are not close enough where you can enjoy any form of physical contact. This was life in Rocky Point as Charlene’s family knew it. They lived like they were being held in the same prison, but they were at least two cells apart.

A Colorado woman by the name of Charlene Sinclair managed to convince the dog’s owner to let her go. Then, right away Charlene took the skinny little black beauty to Barb’s Dog Rescue. As a sign of gratitude, Barbara Mumaugh gave her newest resident the name of her rescuer, Charlene.

This is a beautiful, fun and friendly dog with a powerful set of eyes which seem to look right into your soul. Some people make fun of her because of the look of her ears. But Charlene doesn’t listen to any of it. She loves people, all people.

If you can find it in your heart or budget, please choose to support Barb’s Dog Rescue in caring for Charlene.