The old Dear Abby. Back in the day when newspapers roamed the earth, it was the name of a very popular advice column. What about the “new” old Dear Abby? Well, she is one of the sweetest dogs ever at Barb’s Dog Rescue in Rocky Point. And since this is my column here, let me offer you some friendly advice about her.

For what it’s worth…if you meet Abby and spend some time with her, watch out! You might just fall in love. It happens, even with older gals.

In some regards, Abby’s story is like so many of the other dogs who made their way to Barb’s Dog Rescue. She needed to be rescued.

Cholla Bay is a beautiful part of Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico. The beach, the sparkling water, the sunrises and sunsets. Poor, dear Abby was left for dead there. It was not a pretty sight. She was dumped by her owner.

Abby was known to have on the beach with 2 other stray dogs for quite some time. But for her, the beach wasn’t just the water’s edge. She was on life’s edge or death’s doorstep depending how you want to look at it.

A caring American couple saved Abby’s life from some angry fisherman. It turns out they wanted her “gone” and threatened to make it happen their way. Barb says Abby was also extremely malnourished when she arrived. Years as a struggling beach bum for Abby have been transformed into years as another success story at Barb’s Dog Rescue.

Now for one last piece of advice. After watching the video of Abby’s Story, please consider showing support for her at