Meet Poshi. He is a unique mixed breed dog. At Barb’s Dog Rescue, he is “Mr. Affectionate” and “Mr. Enthusiastic” wrapped into one. He could possible hold that title for all of Rocky Point. He is just that happy to see people.

This is a story of waiting, and waiting some more. Poshi waits to be loved. It is something he has done his whole life.

Here’s what we know. In the early days of his puppyhood, (which surely would have been something to see and experience), Poshi waited to be loved by his owner. Whatever love he might have gotten as an adorable little guy, we know was not enough to be cared for and kept. You see, Poshi got dumped at Barb’s Dog Rescue, north of town in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico. This happens a lot.

No person came by with Poshi asking for help. There was no note either. Was he taken there by his owner, or a good samaritan? Only that person knows for sure. As the best known safe haven for dogs in Sonora (and perhaps all of Mexico), you will find dogs left on the doorstep at Barb’s quite often.

In Poshi’s case, he was with another dog. The considerate and caring folks at Barb’s Dog Rescue were trying to keep the dogs together. Overcoming trauma can be easier for dogs when they go through change together. But like humans, all dogs are not the same.

The other dog didn’t see Barb’s as the “Happy Dog Hotel.” It was not at all interested. But Poshi. Make no mistake about it. Poshi wanted in! And so he waited. But this time, he did not have to wait for long. Barb laughs about how Poshi howled and howled, and cried and cried to be taken in. Quickly, he got his wish.

That was years ago.

Today (like every day), Poshi waits for love. He seems to have so much to give, it just has to come out. Poshi loves people and/or wants to be loved by people. If you get near him, you’ll get a licking. You’ll get a wagging tail, a happy heart, and a smile on your face. Poshi is that kind of dog.

What’s surprising is…Poshi is still waiting for someone to love him enough to provide him with a Forever Home.

Will you help to support caring for donate to help Poshi?