Some stories need no introduction. Mama’s story is one of them. But as a writer, I can’t resist saying just a few words.

Poor Mama! She is a sweet dog. What happened to her is inexcusable, unacceptable, and a whole lot more. Hearing it will stir up emotions for you. It sure did for Barbara Mumaugh and everyone around Barb’s Dog Rescue. I know it left me sad, angry, and stunned.

On a positive note, Mama’s story of being cared for is something of a triumph over tragedy. Barb and her Band of Angels have gotten this dog out of the dark and dangerous life she once had. Now, Mama is safe. She is fed, provided for every which way on a routine basis, and equally important…Mama is loved, and she knows it.

I urge you to watch this episode. Not only might it be the most powerful yet of a 12 Days of Christmas series, it may be the one which best shows the amazing work Barb’s Dog Rescue does, and why it is so important in Rocky Point.

If you can find it in your heart or budget, please support Mama. I also cordially invite you to share this episode with your friends and family. Thank you kindly.