Molly is a sweet little dog. Her story is not. It will tug at your heart. The 12 Dogs of Christmas series was created by The Rocky Point Podcast and Barb’s Dog Rescue in Puerto Peñasco to tell real life stories like this.

We decided to produce this series for multiple reasons. Every reason involved hope. Every reason involved help. One was as good as the next:

  • We hope the 12 Dogs of Christmas will help you to better understand the beautiful and important work done to save and transform the lives of innocent dogs.
  • Then, once you know and understand it better, you will be more inclined to act in supporting Barb’s Dog Rescue.
  • Will you visit and find a love connection with your dog to adopt and provide him or her with a loving Forever Home?
  • Will you make a donation to sponsor Molly? There are real life costs in providing care for her. This includes medical and dental care, food, and more.
  • Will you make a donation to support Barb’s Dog Rescue?  Click Here.